Selective distribution

Who will put your brand on a pedestal?

The answer is simple, the retailers who find your brand relevant to their customers. This is important to keep in mind, as selling into stores is not the most difficult challenge, that is keeping them flying off the shelves to maintain the right to occupy them.

For most multi-brand industry market leaders, it is the number of doors in combination with their financial power to buy shelf space and invest in advertisement that moves their products. They do not mind that competing retailer on each their side of the street compete on being the one selling the product.

Back to back distribution strategies leads to discounting products and increased price competition. No one is the winner in that game.

Most independent brands do not have the same luxury and in our experience, the key to success is choosing retailers who want to put your brand on a pedestal because they feel it is relevant to their business. Your target audience likes the in-shop experience and will travel to get the advice that follows. The retailer’s online shops is part of the customer loyalty program and “after-first-purchase” service.

Four relevant questions from us to you, before we start talking about the right distribution strategy is:

  • who do you want to buy your products?
  • where do they buy their cosmetic products?
  • why is your brand relevant to them?
  • how do they get the message?

Relevance is important for us as well when we join partnerships with new brands. If it resonates with you as well and you are looking for new ways to expand your market, we should look at the future opportunities together.

Our core strenght

Sales team

An experienced team of key account managers and consultants covering the domestic markets in France and Benelux.


Flexible warehouse and logistic center. Shipping 6 days a week. Last orders leaves our facility at 7pm on Monday to Friday, at 12pm on Saturday. Orders are processed within 12 hours.

Seasoned management team

The team is senior with 55+ years of industry experience between the three, but they are still hungry for more. Been there before, done the most, still hungry for more and searching for new ways to enlarge the brand footprints


Being a boutique distributor our network is an important factor when keeping cost low and still attract the right talents when it comes to training, demonstrations and marketing.

An all inclusive Selective Retail package solution

Quatre S Cosmetics is a boutique distribution company for prestige cosmetics in selective retail networks.

Since 2003 we have been the driving force in introducing foreign brands in France as well as the European market. From distribution and retail strategy and regulatory compliance to sales and distribution.

Our network includes:

  • Department stores
  • Perfumeries – independent and chains
  • Pharmacies
  • Online

We are interested in exploring opportunities with new brands in all our existing categories. Send us your brand presentation if you are interested in distribution in France and/or Benelux.

We are proud to work together with