How to get access to EU and 447+ million people?

Regulation EC No. 1223 is the one challenge you have to complete to perfection to enter all 27 the EU markets









The European Union might be the most regulated region in the world, and also cosmetics products fall under strict regulations.

Over the years much legislation has been enacted to

  • protect consumers, animals and the environment
  • inform end-users better
  • harmonize national laws

Every cosmetic product available in the European market, whether for payment or free of charge, needs to comply with the long list of legal requirements.

Get an impression of the document yourself: REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products

Since our start in 2003 we have been specialists in the regulatory evaluation and safety assessment of cosmetic products and today offers a reliable turnkey solution for verifying and registering cosmetic products in an effective way.

Our team deliver a fast and reliable way to access the EU market. The regulatory team has an in-depth knowledge of the legislation along with a wide range of hands-on experience and market knowledge. It is headed by a former member of the French Cosmetic commission at the French health and medicine agency (appointed by law in 2000).

Having the label and content right is just the beginning. If it was simple you wouldn’t need us. Knowing the regulations as we do it is no longer complicated, it is just complex. That makes the difference.

Do you want the fast track to instant overview and a turnkey solution to get your products EU ready fast? Request a compliance review of your product line.

We are proud to do compliance for

EU Compliance is a core business area for us

EU compliance has always been an important business field for QSC, as important as distribution. Many partnerships with foreign brands start with making it possible to sell in the EU.

EC No. 1223,  better known as the regulations on beauty products, is 10 chapters, 40 articles and 10 annexes. It requires brands and economic operators in the industry to follow legal constraints covering all 27 countries and enabling the open market and free movement of goods. The regulation has four main objectives:

  • protect the consumer against unsafe products and unfair commercial practices
  • provide the consumer with meaningful information in order to facilitate the right purchase decisions
  • implement specific values important to European citizens, ie. animal testing.

EC No. 1223 enforces numerous requirements that all cosmetic products in the EU market must meet. The four main requirements are:

  • PIF (Product information file)
  • CPNP Notification
  • Compliant product packaging
  • RP (Responsible Person)

If one of these obligations is not fulfilled, you are preventer from selling your products on any EU market. When you are in full compliance you have access to all.

The key compliance requirements